8 projects to keep kids busy: Gift boxes

Projects to keep kids busy: Gift boxes

Teach your kids the value of recycling and the fun of DIY by making pretty gift boxes for friends and family.

You will need

  • empty boxes and containers
  • spray glue
  • remnants of wrapping paper, material and felt
  • scissors
  • ribbon
  • used Christmas cards
  • clear glue

To make gift boxes

  1. Spray every box and container with glue. Leave to stand for a minute so the glue becomes tacky.
  2. Stick on pieces of paper, material and felt. Smooth down the surfaces and trim the edges so they are even.
  3. Decorate with ribbon and pictures cut from used Christmas cards. Stick these down with clear glue (we used Bostik Clear All-purpose Adhesive).
  4. Place small gifts inside the boxes and containers.

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