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Mum is not perfect, and so what?

Colleague, wife, lover, friend...These days, mums are everyday heroines. We are true wonder women and enjoy juggling it all, but by wanting to do too much, we often place ourselves under immense pressure. So how about we slow down once in a while instead of always trying to rush around?

Here, mumpreneurs, mums and company heads at the same time, who are used to managing it all, offer ways for us to slow down and make our lives easier!

Forget the sitcom mum!

We love our children more than anything, and like all mums, we bend over backwards to be the best: tasty meals prepared everyday, perfectly ironed clothes, etc. Setting the bar too high, however, leads to stress, and we will soon run out of steam. The key? No longer trying to be perfect! Besides, it is much more reassuring for our little monkeys to see that their mothers also have flaws like everyone else.

Advice from a mumpreneur: Put things into perspective! When our first child arrives, we panic! We believe they should only eat homemade food to ensure they are as healthy as possible. Forget about these preconceived ideas! If they happen to eat a jar of baby food from time to time, they are not going to get indigestion. They will still be getting all the nutrients and vitamins needed to grow properly. Do not worry!

Take some time for yourself!

After work, we rush to pick our little monkeys up from school and then go home to run the home: homework, bath time, meals, etc. What if we learned to relax by taking half an hour for ourselves instead of simply rushing around day in, day out? The most important thing is to stop feeling guilty. It will all be worthwhile: we will achieve more in the end!


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Advice from a mumpreneur: Change into casual clothes as soon as you get home from work, make a cup of tea and lounge on the sofa with your favourite magazine or call your best friend. In short, take a moment for yourself. It will help you to recharge your batteries.

Learn to delegate (a little)!

Quand on sent qu’on est sous l’eau, on a souvent du mal à demander une aide extérieure. On a When we feel overburdened, we often find it difficult to ask others for help. We believe people will judge us as being unable to cope. Get this idea out of your head straightaway! Delegating tasks is good for our personal development and that of the whole family: Dad, grandparents, etc, only want to help so let them!

Advice from a mumpreneur: A very clever system is “Who acts is right”. Basically, it doesn't matter if Nono’s brown jumper doesn't match his red shoes or if he has had chips twice this week because Who acts is right! We no longer need to constantly be on dad’s heels, and he is now able to fully carry out his role.

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