Interesting Outdoor Activities To Enjoy In The Last Days of Summers

As a parent, you know that little ones don’t need any excuse to stay indoors. In fact, sometimes it may seem that they are surgically attached to the sofa. So here are some tips for fun in last of the sun!

1. Pitch Perfect

Why not give the kids a taste of the great outdoors with some impromptu camping in the garden? As the sun begins to go down, prepare a picnic before hitting the sack. If you really want to add to the fun, let them set up their tent on top of a trampoline and put a real spring in their step.
You could even pretend to be a wild bear and give them an evening visit… Just be sure to give them a bear hug afterwards.

2. Keep boredom at bay

Board games will always keep the kids entertained and they certainly don’t have to be played indoors. Pull a table outside and let the games begin! Some are even more fun outside and if you don’t have any to hand, why not make your own outdoor versions?
Try Twister Al Fresco for example!


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3. Green fingers

There’s no better way for your little ones to enjoy the sunshine than by getting them gardening. Tempt them with delicious cress or some sweet smelling Lavender; if that doesn’t work just remind them about the guilt-free mud – they’ll soon be at one with nature. Helping the kids look after fruit and vegetables will also give them something to eat after all their hard work!

4. The bigger picture

Take the canvas outdoors!
A pile of paint or a collection of chalk will certainly let their artistic side run wild. Even if they decide to dribble off the page it won’t be a problem, with washable paint there will be no need to worry. In fact, the kids are sure to release their ‘inner Banksy’ in no time.

(So that covers the ins and outs of fun in the Sun. When it’s time to get a load of laundry on the go the next day, leave it to Tide!)

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