Kandil In The Wind: Making A Diwali Lantern Is A Breeze With These Instructions.

Kandil In The Wind: Making A Diwali Lantern Is A Breeze With These Instructions.

Why rely on shops when you can design your own diwali lantern? Kandil making is an art that is easy to learn and just very doable too.

Diwali celebrates the triumph of good over evil; the moment when light overpowersthe darkness. This is the symbolism behind why Diwali lanterns (called diyas or kandils) are lit during the festival of lights. It is a celebration of hope and joy. Esoterically, Diwali celebrates the inner light of atman, the unchanging, infinite, imminent and transcendent reality. And beautifully lit up homes add to the glory and glamour of Diwali! Holding on to this insight, Diwali lanterns have assumed significant importance.

Here are step by step instructions on how to make paper lanterns that delight and catch everyone’s eye. 

Steps to Make A Diwali Paper Lantern:

Materials Required:

  • Any coloured chart paper  - 1 sheet
  • Fluorescent paper – 1 sheet
  • Gift wrapping paper – 1 sheet
  • Different colouredorigami sheets - 1 packet
  • Golden paper - 1 sheet
  • Stapler, glue and a pair of scissors

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  1. Keeping a width of approx. 9 inches, use the scissors to shape the chart paper into a rectangle. Take care of the length; it should be maintained so that the diameter is approx. 7 inches when you roll the chart paper.
  2. Using the coloured sheet, overlay the chart paper. A stapler is the best tool to use for this.
  3. Cut two types of strips of golden paper, one that’s 1.5 inches thick and the other that’s 1 inch thick. Now, using the strips that were just cut, paste them on the top and at the bottom of the cylinder respectively. Your base will now start taking shape.
  4. Using the golden paper and scissors, make squares that are 3 X 3 inchesin size.
  5. Using the origami paper (or craft paper as it is often called) as a base, paste the golden coloured squares on it.
  6. Paste these on one of the diagonals with glue stick.When you do that you wil be left with several multi-coloured patterns. All you have to do is glue them to the cylindrical base.
  7. Now it’s time to make the base stripes. Using the gift wrapping paper, simply, and tad arbitrarily, cut strips. However, take care to do this only 3/4th so that you can use the remaining 1/4th as stripes that can be glued to the bottom of the cylinder.
  8. You can use a Gelatin paper instead of the coloured sheer of paper, especially if you’re going to put a bulb inside. Why? Well, the Gelatin paper will make your lantern glow powerfully and infinitely brighter when it’s lit. Also, feel free to use glass pieces to decorate your kandil.

Your Lantern is ready. Put it up in your home and watch how it draws people towards it!

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