Make your own kite with the entire family's help!

Get someone to cut strips of colored paper and newspaper and someone else to cut the string to the right length, while someone else can tie the rods together. Get everyone working together cheerfully to achieve a special objective: a wonderful kite that will fly sky high!

The whole family can help create a really great looking kite. Just start making it!


  • 3 rods 60, 80 or 100 cm long made of balsa wood or split canes
  • Fine wire
  • Glossy paper or fine nylon cloth
  • String or fishing line
  • Pieces of colored paper or newspapers for the tail
  • Glue
  • Adhesive tape

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  1. Work out where the centre of the rods is, cross them and tie them together tightly with the string, fishing line or fine wire. Make a small insertion at each end and then pass the string through each one, making sure it is taut, to ensure that the kite is perfectly centred. You now have the frame ready!
  2. Cut out a piece of paper or nylon fabric that you have chosen. Lay the frame on the fabric to ensure that the shape is right before cutting. Careful though! There needs to be enough leftover fabric around the edges so you can fold the paper or fabric over and glue it down. Having applied the glue, you can add adhesive tape just to make sure that everything is firmly in place.
  3. If the kite has some design or pattern on it, make sure the top and bottom are correct on the rods where you will start to make the tail and add the line. Start from the two neighbouring edges (which must be the bottom edges of the design or pattern if there is one) and tie a piece of string half the length of that side to each one. So if the rod is 60 cm long, the string should be 30 cm long, and so on and so forth. Tie those pieces of string to each other very tightly by making a knot and then tie a third piece of string to that knot. That needs to be much much longer because it will form the kite's tail. Make sure it is 4 times longer than the rod (i.e. for a 60 cm rod, the rope for the tail must be 2.4 m long) or even longer. Scrunch the small strips of colored paper or newspaper into bunches and affix to the tail at 20 cm intervals.
  4. The most difficult thing to get right - which happens to be the most important in getting the kite to fly properly - is the line. Be careful here. Start from the same rods you used before, but from their opposite ends. Tie a piece of string that is the same length as the rod, and a third one of the same length from the center of the kite where the rods were initially joined together. Tie the three together into a tight knot at their end and then tie the line to that point.

Not that difficult really now, was it? Now you and the whole family are fully prepared for a great 'Clean Monday' outing, with your unique kite in tow!

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