Children Activities: How to Make Rag Dolls @ Reward Me

One Doll, 5 Ways – Make the Hand-drawn Doll

One or more of these easy to make rag dolls will truly delight any little girl or boy.

For the basic doll

Size: Finished height of doll 48cm

You will need:

  • pencil and ruler
  • 50 x 50cm natural cotton fabric for the body
  • stuffing
  • cotton fabrics in matching or complementary patterns and colours for clothes (a smaller print works best)
  • matching coloured sewing threads for the clothes and colours for facial details
  • embroidery threads for facial details
  • acrylic fabric pen
  • buttons to decorate clothes and shoes
  • 15 x 30cm piece of felt for hair
  • remnants of felt for shoes

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Hand-drawn doll

You will also need:

  • 50 x 50cm natural cotton
  • acrylic fabric marker
  • matching coloured sewing thread

To sew:

  1. Enlarge the pattern to double the size and cut out. Trace the doll’ s outline on to the fabric. Add 2cm around all edges for the seam allowance. NOTE This design has no legs.
  2. Using a fabric marker, draw the design of your doll freehand on to the fabric. Leave the ink to dry thoroughly. Cut out.
  3. Stitch the front and back together with right sides facing, leaving an opening in one side for stuffing. Clip the seam around the curve frequently then turn through to the right side. Stuff with stuffing using a knitting needle to push it into the smaller areas. Close opening.
Hand-drawn doll

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