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Make or Break

Look at your incomplete sets of crockery with new eyes – you can create the loveliest décor pieces with them.

Place plates and saucers on bases of cups, small bowls and egg-cups, and make your own cake or cupcake stands. A bowl on feet is also pretty. Play with the colours and different types of ceramics to make your designer item. If you want the piece to last, you can use a strong glue such as epoxy glue to stick the components to each other. Silicon glue or a glue gun gives a weaker bond.

Have a special tea party with your "new" ceramics. Mix and match the various items and serve all your tasty treats on them.

Make or Break Tea time

On the shelf
Display your pretty new stands on your kitchen shelves. Combine a selection of different sizes and ensure that the colours work together well.

Make or Break On the shelf

Cup lights
Cups and saucers can be turned into pretty lights. Make an uneven number of cup lights and hang them from the ceiling – at different heights or in a neat row. Drill a hole through the middle of the cup and saucer and stick the two parts together with epoxy glue. Add the cord and light-bulb fitting and use the cup as a lampshade.

Make or Break Cup lights

How do you drill through ceramics?
The most important thing is to have the correct drill bit, and then you need a little practice. Use a cylindrical diamond drill bit that is specifically for ceramics. There is usually an opening in the tip that water can flow through to keep the ceramic item cool. Remember, the tip can slip easily, especially on a glazed surface.

  • Keep the drill bit wet all the time. You can even place the item under water and do the drilling in the water. It keeps the ceramic cool and will prolong the life of your drill bit.
  • Make a jig so the drill bit doesn’ t slip so easily. Drill a hole through a small wooden block to fit the size of your drill bit and then hold the block while you drill through the item.
  • If you continue to struggle, hold the bit at an angle and first drill a small groove. Then hold the drill upright and drill out the whole circle.
  • Follow the manufacturer’ s directions for the speed setting of the drill. This is usually on the packaging.
  • Be patient, as the drilling could take quite a while to complete. Don’ t press too hard on the drill – the item could break or crack – and hold the object firmly while you are drilling.

White on white
Use interesting shapes and put together a collection of white ceramic items. You can use the stands on your dressing table as storage for jewellery and trinkets, and so on.


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Make or Break White on white

Reading lamp
Drill holes through two cups and a saucer and place them on the shaft of an existing lampstand. Look for a lampstand with a thin shaft about 10mm in diameter. This measurement will determine the size of your drill bit.

You will need:

  • lampstand with a thin shaft
  • suitable crockery
  • drill with the correct drill bit
  • epoxy glue

To make:

  1. Decide which items you want to use and mark the centre of each. TIP: A clever way of finding the centre of a round object is to trace the shape onto paper, cut it out and fold it in quarters. Cut off the tip of the point, open the circle and mark the centre through the hole in the paper.
  2. Drill all the necessary holes with the correct drill bit.
  3. Unscrew your lampstand and place the drilled crockery onto the shaft.
  4. Mix enough epoxy glue and use to stick all the pieces together. Leave to stand until the glue is dry.
  5. Reassemble the lampstand. You now you have a new-look lamp!
Make or Break Reading lamp

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