Make a Laptop Cover

Make a Laptop Cover

Sew this practical satchel-style bag to help protect your laptop from being damaged and to keep the dust and dirt away.

You will need:

  • sufficient heavy-weight fabric to cover laptop
  • sufficient leather for the flaps and strap
  • ruler
  • dressmaker’ s pen
  • Velcro
  • heavy-duty sewing thread in matching colour to leather
  • sewing machine roller foot
  • paper clips
  • carabiner hook to use as the buckle (available at sports stores)
  • heavy-duty stud fastener with metal kit to fit
  • hammer

Note: you can make this to fit any size laptop. Use a heavyweight fabric so that it does not stretch out of shape or unravel at the edges.

To make:

Step 1 - Place the fabric on a flat surface and position the laptop so it sits in the centre of the fabric. Using the ruler and pen, draw a cross shape. The side sections of the cross are for the bag’ s flaps. Make sure they are long enough to fold completely over the top of the laptop then cut out. The top flap is cut 5cm shorter than the bottom flap. Round off all the corners.

laptop step-one laptop step-two Step 1 Step 2

Step 2 - Cut the Velcro into a strip to fit along the width of the top flap and curve the ends. Sew the hard side of the Velcro strip to the underside of the top flap.
Cut a strip of leather approximately 5cm wide to fit the same flap; round off the corners. Place to one side. For the bottom flap, cut a piece of leather approximately 15cm wide, curving the corners as before. Sew the soft side of the Velcro on top of this leather to correspond with the first piece of Velcro.


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Step 3 - Cut a strip of leather 4cm wide for the strap and long enough to fit around the cover. It is a good idea to slip the leather through the metal carabiner before you cut the leather, to ensure there is sufficient overlap for stitching. Work a boxed seam through both pieces of leather to secure the carabiner hook and to form the buckle.

laptop step-three laptop step-four Step 3 Step 4

Step 4 - Place the leather bottom flap piece in position, making sure the Velcro pieces are aligned when the bag is closed. Secure the leather to the fabric around the outer edges using paper clips placed at frequent intervals so the leather does not slip. Also, check out how to remove stains from leather here.

Step 5 - Using a sewing machine with a roller foot, sew the leather flap in place around all edges, using the heavy-duty thread. Remove the paper clips as you work. Stitch the leather for the outside of the top flap in the same way. Wrap the strap around the bag and mark the position for the buckle flap. The strap can be stitched in place to the back of the cover, or it can be left separate, if you prefer.

laptop step-five laptop step-six Step 5 Step 6

Step 6 - Cut a strip of leather 8 x 2cm to make the flap for securing the buckle. Cut a point at one end. Use the metal kit and a hammer to insert the stud fastener. One section of the stud must be inserted through this strip and also the strap, at the straight end of the strip. Make sure it is secure. Attach the other section of the stud fastener to the pointed end of the strip to correspond.

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