3 Fun Ideas To Keep Kids Entertained Indoors

So the kids invited their friends over and just as you’re all about to go outside, the skies decided to open… Don’t panic!

Here’s 3 ways to keep them entertained indoors that doesn’t involve a remote control!

1. Hide and Seek

You can’t knock the classics so why not make things interesting for them by giving a prize to the most creative hiding location? Be sure that you provide a great commentary of your search as it begins. Particularly as you almost stumble upon them… Just try to ignore their giggles.

When it’s your turn, there’s no harm in ‘hiding’ in comfort with your phone and catching up with friends online.


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2. Fort Building

If outside is no longer an option, bring nature indoors by taking the kids on an imaginary camping trip. They’re going to have use teamwork to make the couch cushions and duvets a suitable place to sleep before it gets too dark. Once the indoor campsite has been created, surprise them during the night with your best spooky animal impersonations.
They won’t see that one coming!

3. Creative Cooking

When it comes to the little ones and having fun in the kitchen, the messier the better seems to be the general rule.
Cookies and cupcakes are a good start but you could move onto more challenging cuisine if they’re up for the challenge.
Perhaps they’re not quite ready to have a go at lobster bisque, but see if they handle perfecting a pizza!

(It’s all fun and games playing with the kids until it’s time to clean up the chaos. Tide provides the answer with bright whites that are only a wash away!)

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