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Keep fit with 5 weekend family games

Playing a game with family or friends is a wonderful way to encourage healthy living and give your body a workout without the slog of a gym session

Use exercise as a way of catching up with friends on a weekend morning or spending time with your family, and you’ll find it’s much easier to stick to workout routines.

1. Rounders

Less complicated than cricket or baseball, with rounders you simply set out four or five ‘bases’ in a circuit, then two teams take turns at batting and fielding. Hit the ball and run from base to base before the fielders catch you out or get the ball to the next base before you. Less able athletes can do runs base-by-base and fitter friends can break out for a home run – either way you notch up points and get some good exercise in.

2. Volleyball

Just put up a head-height net in the park, split into two teams and hit the ball to each other using only your hands. You get three touches before it has to go back over the net so no-one has to whack the ball too hard, just don’t let the ball bounce on the ground or you lose the point.

3. Wacky races

Kids games can be a great way to exercise and promote overall health. In two teams, dream up silly races: relays stepping through hoops or passing a ball over your head and between your legs, or if you’re inside, try using two brushes to ‘sweep’ a dust cloth around obstacles – harder than you think!


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4. Back garden badminton

Even with a cheap playset of racquets and shuttlecocks you can work up quite a sweat in your garden, batting to each other over an improvised net. The great thing about badminton is that you can go at any pace, to suit any skill and fitness level, young or old.

5. Time trails

Keep fit with a fun game! Play scavenger hunt challenges where each person is timed as they run around the home, garden or park in search of hidden treasure or a random object.

Savvy tip
Keep it informal and pick games that don’t grind to a halt if a couple of friends don’t show up.

Pass it on – mums get sporty
Try these tips for fitting exercise into your daily life.

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