Indoor fun and games for kids

Every so often, it's nice to stay home and relax with the kids. Here are some fun ways to spend some good quality, home time with the children.

Play dress up
This is a good way to get the creativity juices flowing for both you and the kids. You may not be able to wear their clothes, but they can certainly wear yours. Re-enact a favourite Disney movie scene together and you can be sure to have plenty of material for the next batch of family photos.

Get decorating
If your walls are coated with washable paint, select one for the kids to decorate however they wish. Let them stick up their favourite paintings, cartoons, baby pictures and other things they love. Or pick a colour or theme, then ask them to decorate it accordingly. This can be an ongoing project that will no doubt be a conversation starter when guests visit.

Build a blanket fort or tipi
Blanket forts never fail to be hit with kids. Use sheets, pillows, cardboard boxes and anything else they can think of to help build one of their choice. Mums and dads can get involved as well, and make the evening's bedtime story come alive inside the cosy soft shelter.


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Make a photo album
Make it a point to sit down with the kids and have them assist you in putting together a family album. Not only do they get a chance to keep their hands busy, you will also be happy at your effort years later when you revisit these treasured albums and relive the memories.

Let the kids cook
Get the kids to help make their own meals and you'll give them cooking confidence. Giving the children choice of what ingredients they'd like to use will also combat fussy eaters - kids are often far happier to dig in if they've been involved in the cooking process first.

Math Games
Games for kids don't always have to involve a ball, or a console. You could also make use of the opportunity to get their brain juices flowing. Try playing some math games to inspire creative thought processes that could also help them do better in class.

Spending a day at play with your kids gives them the space to be creative, the opportunity and encouragement to use their imaginations and the experience of sharing wonderful adventures and simple pleasures not to mention fabulous memories and a stronger bond with you.

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