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How to make teacup candles

Having a tea party? Try this – there won’t be a hostess in town who could hold a candle to you…

You will need:

  • old pot for melting wax
  • kitchen candles (approx. 2 candles per cup)
  • kebab sticks
  • collection of interesting teacups
  • scissors
  • boxes of matches
  • coloured paper, ribbon and charms
  • glue

How To make Customized Teacup Candles

Step 1 - Melt the candles in the pot. Do not leave melting wax unattended as it is oil-based and can ignite.

Step 2 - Using a kebab stick, remove the wicks from the melted wax, set aside.

Step 3 - Pour the melted wax into the teacups.


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teacup candles Step 3

Step 4 - Cut the wicks to size – they should be about 4cm longer than the depth of the cup. Place the wick into the teacup while the wax is still a liquid.

teacup candles Step 4

Step 5 - Wind the top of the wick around a kebab stick and rest the kebab stick across the cup to keep the wick upright and prevent it from falling into the wax.

Step 6 - Leave the wax to set. As it sets it might sink in the centre. If this happens, top up the candle with melted wax, still keeping the wick wound around the kebab stick.

Step 7 - Once all the candles are set, trim the wick to size.

Step 8 - Keep things pretty by decorating matchboxes with coloured paper, ribbon and charms. Keep the striking area free of paper.

teacup candles Step 8
teacup candles

TIP Candles should cool down in an area (flat, out of direct sunlight) where they won’ t be moved until completely cooled.

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