Children Activities: Decorate Kids Room using Storage Jars @ Reward Me

How to make funny storage jars for kids

The start of the school year also implies tidying up the kids’ rooms to get them perfectly organized for the new term. EverydayMe provides you with a smart and funny idea to engage your kids in the process.

jars for kids

All you need is :

  • A glass jar
  • A can of spray-paint
  • A set of model animals
  • A protective breathing mask

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jars for kids

Start by painting the model animal and the lid with spray-paint.
For your safety, we recommend that you wear a protective mask.
Allow the lid and the model animal to dry for 30 minutes.

jars for kids

Apply glue at the bottom of the model animal and stick it to the lid.
You might need to re-spray-paint it after gluing

jars for kids

Keep playing with the same idea : use more colours and different model animals!

jars for kids

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wonderful idea of making lids of various animals children will love it

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