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How to make a pocket organiser out of old towels

If you are short on space, hanging storage pockets are a simple but effective way to create a bit of extra room. The trouble is, the shop-bought ones can be a bit boring. So why not make your own?

How not to: Leaving everything from your Oral-B toothpaste to your hairbrush strewn across the bathroom counter not only looks messy but that's also how you lose things. Put them away! Don't have the space? We can help you with that. plan
Plan: To make a terry towel storage caddy you will need: a long, narrow towel; some pins; some strong thread (the same colour or a close match to your towel); a pair of scissors; a wooden clothes hanger. s1
Step one: Take your towel (making sure it is clean and dry) and fold in three. s2
Step two: To secure your folds, sew them horizontally first. s3
Step three: Next, you will need to create the pockets for your storage bag which you do by sewing across the big pockets you have just created, vertically. The size of your pockets depends on the size of the products you are storing but splitting the towel into three pockets of equal size should work. s4
Step four: Take the top of the towel, fold a small flap over the hanger and sew to secure. And there?s your bath towel pocket organiser.
After: This is a great way to bring new life to an old towel while creating extra space for everything from your Oral-B toothpaste to your hairbrush.

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