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How to make a new home for your pet

Although many people let their pets sleep with them in their bedroom, it?s always nice for your faithful friend to have somewhere special that?s just for them. And it needn?t take much space, effort or money. With just a bit of washi tape you can create a personalised sleeping corner that will make your dog feel really at home.


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How not to: Just because your dog cannot verbalise his or her dissatisfaction with your uninspired design choices, it doesn't mean they are not thinking it, so make some effort!
Plan: All you need to transform your pet's sleeping corner is a rug, some washi tape and a pair of scissors. And of course, a bowl of their dog food.
Step one: Use the washi tape to make a house design on the wall. There is no need to draw it beforehand as the tape is easy to pull off and reapply if you make mistake.
Step two: Add your pet?s name using the same tape just so that everybody is clear whose corner this belongs to.
Step three: Now you can make a few 'home improvements'. Elaborate on the original design by adding some grass, a chimney, some windows or a door.
Step four: Lay down a comfortable rug or cushion so that your pet has somewhere to sleep, and finish it off with a bowl of food.
After: And there you have it, a new ?home sweet home? for your four-legged family member.

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