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How to make a beach towel noughts and crosses board

There's always plenty to do at the beach but it?s always a good idea to have some kind of emergency entertainment on hand. This beach towel noughts and crosses board is ideal as it won't get ruined by the sand and it?s small and flexible enough to be rolled up into any beach bag.


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crosses board
How not to: Beach windmills are cute but the novelty factor wears thin pretty quickly. Your kids will appreciate a more interactive form of entertainment.
Plan: To make this beach towel board game you will need:

  • an old towel
  • some measuring tape
  • scissors
  • a needle and thread
  • some pins
  • some ribbon
  • some shells (one type to act as the 'noughts' and another for the 'crosses')

crosses board
Step one: Measure the towel and cut four pieces of ribbon to a size that is 15cm small than the towel (you will need the 15cm space to act as a boarder).
crosses board
Step two: Use the pins to attach two ribbons vertically and two ribbons horizontally on the towel. Make sure this is done as centrally and as straight as possible. Then, sew the ribbon to the towel. This will form the noughts and crosses grid.
crosses board
After: All you need is some shells to start playing. To recap the rules, one player represents the noughts, the other the crosses. Each player must take a turn to put down a nought or a cross somewhere on the grid. The first person to get three noughts or three crosses in a vertical, horizontal or diagonal row, wins.

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