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How to listen to your dog

A dog communication guide for you to learn why your canine companion goes woof!

When your dog barks it means he’s trying to tell you something. Maybe he’s hungry or sensing danger. Sometimes dogs bark simply because they’re bored.

Get out of my territory

When a stranger or an animal your dog doesn’t know gets into his territory he might bark excessively. The more threatened he feels, the louder he barks.

I’m scared
When dogs are startled they bark at the noise or object that gave them a fright.

I’m bored and lonely

Dogs are pack animals – that’s why when they’re left alone for a long time they can become bored or sad and they bark because they’re lonely or unhappy. Some dogs suffer from separation anxiety and when their owner is away bark non-stop, pace up and down and look miserable.

I’m saying hello

Dogs often greet people by barking, wagging their tails and sometimes jumping up against them.


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I want to go for a walk/I want some too

When your dog sees you reaching for his leash he might bark excitedly because he knows he is going for a walk. The same thing goes for when he sees you eating something; he wants a bit too!

How To Stop Your Dog From Barking Too Much

Dogs need to bark – it’s part of their nature. But some just don’t know when to stop. There are a few ways to train your dog to stop its yapping.

  • When your dog barks, say “quiet” in a firm, calm voice. Wait patiently until he stops barking, even if it’s just to take a breath – then give him a treat. After a while he’ll learn that if he stops barking after you say quiet, he’ll get a treat.
  • Use the same technique but instead of saying quiet, put your finger to your lips, dogs are smart when it comes to picking up body language.

Some dog facts

  • Dogs can hear better than humans and cats. They’re able to register sound waves of up to 35 000 vibrations a second compared to humans 20 000 and cats 25 000.
  • When it comes to smell our canine companions are top dogs. Alsatians have 220 million smelling receptors, while humans have only about five million.
  • A dog can be identified by its nose print, which is unique, just like humans’ fingerprints. No two dogs have the same print.

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