How to Give a Gift That Won’t Be Returned

How to Give a Gift That Won’t Be Returned

Find out how to buy the right gifts for the right people with these tips.

The hunt for the perfect gift can be stressful. No one wants to give a gift the recipient dislikes.

Unless you have a wish list, finding someone a present they’re sure to like can be tricky. The No. 1 reason why a gift is returned is getting someone something you would like for yourself. It can be tempting to pick out something you want, but when buying gifts for others, it’s important to focus on the recipient’s preferences and hobbies. Put yourself in the recipient’s shoes.

Consider the recipient’s clothing and think hard about his or her style and color preferences. Write it all down. This creates a list of features you know the recipient likes and will help you choose a gift that has some real thought behind it.

If you’re still having trouble, here are five gifts you can be confident anyone would love.

It’s unlikely any mom would turn down the offer for a few hours of free time. Offer a coupon for a few hours of baby-sitting services to any mom on your list. It’s practically guaranteed the recipient will cash in that coupon and will be grateful to have your support. Just be sure you don’t go overboard, or you might find yourself spending all your time with other kids!

A Custom Gift Basket
Fill a basket with a variety of items the recipient would like to have but rarely buys for herself. Think about the little luxuries in life like cosmetics, perfumes, candy, specialty teas or coffee, or her favorite treats. The great thing about a gift basket is that you can buy many small things and bundle them up. If you get something for every aspect of the recipient’s life (a luxury coffee blend for the mornings, a night mask for bedtime and some bath salts for instance), you can make a huge impact on someone’s everyday.

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Spa Gift Certificate or Massage
One thing almost all adults have in common is the lack of time to pamper themselves. A gift certificate to a spa, salon or for a massage is something that doesn’t have a set time and date so you won’t have to worry about it not working out. Try to get one that has a fairly long “shelf life” so the recipient can go at his or her leisure.

Try combining the gift certificate with the baby-sitting so the recipient is able to leave the house without the kids for a few hours and truly relax.

Book or Magazine Subscription
If someone on your list likes reading or has a specific interest or hobby, try an informative book or a magazine subscription based on the interest. Check the how-to sections of bookstores — you’ll be surprised at the breadth of books on the shelves. For a magazinegift, search for publications online. Even searching for something as simple as “knitting magazine” could yield a present that lasts an entire year!

Digital Photo Frame
A digital photo frame lets a recipient upload their photos or insert a memory card of photos to display in an attractive frame they can update any time. This handy invention actually pays for itself in a very short amount of time (think of how many frames it’d take to have every single one on a memory card displayed) and is completely customizable, so you can rest assured it will be used!

What gift would you most like to receive this year? Let us know in the comments section below! 

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