Must Know Tips For Moms To Have Fun During Monsoons

For us Mums, weather can be a deciding factor in what we do on a daily basis. On sunny days, it's easy to run errands or juggle day-to-day responsibilities, but when the rain comes and plans go awry, look towards revitalising yourself by taking some time off.

Although busy people will likely think of rain as a hindrance, you dont have to let it literally put a damper on your plans. A good way to make the most out of wet weather down time is by revisiting your relationships with both yourself and the family.

Kick back and enjoy the rain with some me-time

Being busy is part of being a mum. But we all instinctively know that when we take time for ourselves to pursue our passions, do the things that we enjoy, relax or even do nothing at all, we end up feeling happier and all round more balanced as individuals.

Mums working in an office dont have many options on rainy days. When it starts raining however, you can choose to kick the high-heels off under the desk, sip a cup of your favourite beverage and allocate a few minutes of time to relax your eyes from the strain of staring at the computer screen.

If you're a stay-at-home mum or are able to work from home, use the opportunity to spend some time with yourself. Rainy days are the perfect opportunity to set aside a little me time, just to sit back and relax from the demands of being Supermum. Put aside the housework for a couple of hours and enjoy the quiet. Better still, take a rare, well-deserved nap.

Pick up that book you have been trying to finish for months or watch some TV. Call a friend and arrange to have coffee or get to work on that creative project thats been at the back of your mind to do for some time.

Go with whatever ticks your fancy or simply enjoy the pitter-patter and savour the precious down time.


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Try out new indoor activities with the family

Kids today have packed schedules, running from after-school classes to soccer training and sleepovers. When the rain puts a pause to some of these activities, how do you keep the little souls busy?

There are many ways to keep children productively occupied indoors. Spread out some old sheets of newspaper and get them started on an art project, or get them to help you around the kitchen and cook or bake together.

Blanket forts can almost always be counted on to be a big hit with kids. Build one together with the children and spend time lying in there with them. It might make a mess of the room but untidiness in this form is fun like no other.

Introduce the idea of building a time capsule together. Time capsules can be really easy to put together and exciting to open at a later time. They are also a great way to preserve memories and are rewarding for everyone involved.

Use the weather to make science come alive. Explain why it rains and take them out when the showers stop just to jump in and out of puddles. Even If its just watching TV, pick an interesting program that both you and kids enjoy and allocate some sofa time.
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However you choose to spend your rainy days, look at them as a chance for you and your family to recharge. Shelve that list of daily chores and spend some extra time with yourself and the people closest to you.

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