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Mother's Day Presents - Gift Her Handmade Bangles!

Mother's Day presents can be an absolute minefield. One good way to avoid grave offense is to make your own present with your child. Not only is it a great way to bond but it also ensures that you will get something that you like. Bangles are a particularly good idea because for very little money, and with relatively little effort, you can produce something that looks extremely professional.


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family-xHow not to: Most mums don't mind getting chocolate or flowers for Mother's Day, no matter how many times they receive them, but it's a brave child that buys a household appliance? planPlan: To decorate your wooden bangles you will need:

  • some plain wooden bangles (unvarnished, available in some craft stores or online)
  • a selection of water-based acrylic paints
  • a pencil
  • a small paintbrush
  • a mixing palette

s1Step one: Squeeze out some paint onto a mixing palette s2Step two: Draw some lines onto a wooden bracelet with a pencil. This is the template for a stripe effect bangle. If you want to try something more creative, feel free. s3Step three: Using your brush, carefully apply the paint. For the striped design, leave every other section plain, and be careful not to go over the lines. cAfter: You may be tempted to wear your bracelet immediately but leave it to dry thoroughly before you start showing it off to the world.

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