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Explore How to Craft 8 Different Types of Christmas Tree Without Felling Trees!

Give the trees a rest this Christmas and consider these creative alternatives. There’s a tree for every house, no matter what your style.

coneshaped floral foam with pretty giftwrap and place it in on a cake stand. Use toothpicks to stick small meringues or other sweet treats to the floral foam. Insert a sparkler into the tip and light it just before serving.

#1 Graphic Design Christmas Tree

  • Varying the size and typeface, print out numbers 1 to 25 on your computer.
  • Glue the printouts onto cardboard in the colour of your choice – we used black for all the numbers except 24, which is gold, and 25, which is red.
  • Use a craft knife and cut the numbers out of the cardboard.
  • Use double-sided tape to stick them to the wall.
  • Start with number 1 at the bottom and end with 25 at the top.
  • You could also cut the numbers from vinyl for a more well-finished appearance.

#2 Christmas Tree With Reindeer Silhouette

  • Paint the reindeer silhouette onto a trophy shield.
  • Drill two holes where the branch ‘antlers‘ must be attached.
  • Paint two dry branches black, press them through the holes and secure at the back with wire.
  • Cut another reindeer silhouette from black cardboard and glue it to a small box.
  • Glue this over the painted silhouette for a three-dimensional appearance.
  • Hang small Christmas decorations from the reindeer’s antlers and decorate with a paper ribbon at the bottom.

#3 Paper Cone Christmas Tree
With paper cones

  • This collection of little trees will look pretty placed on a side table.
  • Choose a few different sorts of scrapbooking paper and draw half circles on them in various sizes.
  • Cut the half circles out, roll them into cone shapes and stick them together on the inside with double-sided tape.

#4 Decorate Christmas Tree With Fairy Lights
With fairy lights

  • Use your digital camera to photograph a beautiful tree.
  • Have the photo printed on a mounted canvas.
  • Take your craft knife and make tiny holes in the canvas where you want the fairy lights to be.
  • Push the lights through the canvas from the back.
  • Connect the electric cable, hang the picture and switch the lights on.

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#5 Nutcracker Tree
Nutcracker tree

  • Decorate a dry branch with crystal beads and glass baubles hanging from pink ribbon.
  • Photocopy pictures of ballerinas on white paper and cut them out.
  • Use pearl-headed pins to attach the pictures to ribbons.

#6 Christmas Tree With Dowels and Ribbon
With dowels and ribbon

  • Cut a dowel into lengths of 20cm, 30cm and 40cm.
  • Fold a 2m-long strip of ribbon in half and use double-sided tape to affix the sticks to the inside.
  • Use a drop of strong glue to strengthen. Use ribbon to hang biscuits or other decorations from the sticks – be sure to make both sides the same or else the tree will be lopsided.

#7 Christmas Tree Made From Old Books
From old books

  • Go and dig around in second-hand bookshops for some old books.
  • Fold each page diagonally in half so that the book looks like a Christmas tree.
  • You can also use your craft knife to cut a small tree from the books.

#8 Christmas Tree From Cardboard Boxes
From cardboard boxes

  • Line the bottom of small cardboard boxes and ice-cream containers with pretty giftwrap or scrapbooking paper.
  • Use a glue gun to stick the boxes and containers to each other in the shape of a Christmas tree.
  • Decorate the tree by inserting a small gift into each of the containers.

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