Hosting a Sports-Themed Birthday Party for Kids

Planning a sports-themed birthday party is a great way to score major points with your budding athlete and their friends. Here are some fun party ideas to make sure your celebration is a home run!

Sports-Themed Birthday Party

Use our ideas to throw your child a sports-themed birthday party this year.

Planning a sports-themed birthday party is a great way to score major points with your budding athlete and their friends. Here are some fun ideas to make sure your celebration is a home run!

Tip: Have your child to pick a few sports for the party, so you can focus the décor, food and activities to match.

Invitations: Tickets to the Game

Creating a ticket-style invite to send to your guests is an excellent way to get them excited for “game day.” Add a picture of the birthday boy or girl in game day duds or decorate with stamps or stickers in a specific sports theme. Next, fill the middle section with all the party details. Along the bottom, add art that looks like a barcode and your RSVP information. You can even hole punch tickets at the door the day of your event to make it feel official.
 Hosting a Sports-Themed Birthday Party for Kids

Venue: Stadium or Arena

Turn your party location into a sports facility named after the birthday kid! Simply make a banner or poster with their name followed by a favorite sports venue, or a venue that’s most like your party area. For instance, backyard can easily be transformed into a field, golf course or stadium, while an indoor play area would make a great arena or court.

Décor: Sporty

Once you’ve decided on your venue, select balloons, buntings and table coverings in a specific color palette. Add detail with pom-poms, second-hand trophies, small sports figurines, chalkboards with plays written on them and buckets or jars filled with sports balls fitting your theme.

Tip: Give trophies an updated and modern look by spray-painting them in a color that coordinates with your party.


Choose décor accessories that are easy to set up, like a badminton or volleyball net, basket ball hoop or even a miniature bowling alley with empty plastic one or two liter bottles as pins. Be sure to hand any sports game winners a trophy!

Food: Popcorn and Hotdogs

Self-serve concession-style food is the way to go. Set out a hotdog or nacho bar with all the fixings for your guests, so they can help themselves. Popcorn, peanuts and soft pretzels are also simple snacks that are easy to set out.

Dessert: Sports-Themed Cake Pops

Cake pops are a fun, welcome addition to any party and for good reason: no cutting, serving or cleaning up a crumbly mess when it’s time to eat cake. They are also easily customized for any party theme, sports included.

Cake Pop Instructions

  1. Bake the birthday boy or girl’s favorite type of cake
  2. Break the cake into a bowl and combine with one jar of frosting (about 16 ounces)
  3. Roll this mixture into small golf-ball sized balls and set on a cookie sheet in the fridge
  4. Before decorating your cake pops, choose your candy coating color according to the kind of sports balls you want to make
  5. Use small parchment bags or wax paper as a surface for making the little details: lines and stitching can be created using melted red, white and black candy coating. The parchment acts as a perfect surface for delicate pieces to dry and harden
  6. Once these details are done, add wooden craft sticks to the chilled balls, and coat with melted candy coating
  7. Stick the details you made onto each ball before the coating dries completely so they stay and dry in place

Sporty Thank You Notes

Every great birthday party is followed with a round of thank you notes. Why not keep in your theme and write a cute note that says, “We’d like to take a time out and thank you for coming.” The witty play on words will be appreciated by little ones and parents alike!

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