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Homemade non-toxic fingerpaint for kids

Fingerpainting is a great activity for toddlers. Follow this recipe to make your own version with ingredients you already have at home. It’s totally edible (though not that delicious) and completely non-toxic. And the best part is : it’s easy to make and will last!

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  • A bowl or small container for the paint.
  • A cup (to serve as a measuring jug).
  • Cornflour.
  • Food colouring. Choose primary colours (red, yellow, blue) to mix more colours.
  • Hot water.



Add one teaspoon of food colouring.


Add two cups of cold water and mix until you obtain a smooth, lumpfree mix.


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Then, add three or four cups of hot water (not boiling) until you have a supple texture, not too liquid. It will not have the same consistency of storebought paint, and will have a gellike feel that will increase as it cools down. Wait for the paint to cool down completely before giving it to children.


It’s ready! Our baby artists can dip their fingers in the paint. As with any painting experience with kids, prep the space for easy cleaning… Let’s create!

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