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Holiday Activities For Kids

Make the most of school breaks with these 5 fun activities

Spending time with your child during the winter or summer break need not be expensive, extravagant or involve much traveling. It's a great opportunity do the fun things you never have time for otherwise.
Keeping kids busy and maintaining their interest can be a big challenge. When their friends and playmates are unavailable, you’re it! So how do you make this time together memorable? Inspire their imagination, encourage them to learn a new skill or just have fun playing? Or all three. Try something old-fashioned with a twist, from the performing arts to cooking and crafts.
The following ideas are simple ways to enjoy family time together:

1. Start a band
Get out the pots and pans, wooden spoons and tambourines and get ready to shake, rattle and roll! Play some favorite songs and lip-sync along. If you don’t have a tambourine, you can staple two paper plates together and fill the center with dry beans to make a noisemaker. Let them shake. It’s time to dance and play! Any surface is perfect for drums and percussion. Use empty paper towel and toilet paper rolls for pretend trumpets and horns. Make other imaginative instruments. Don’t forget the kiddie keyboards — a table works just fine.
If you have a real piano, teach your child an easy song and play together. If you have a guitar in a closet, dust it off and teach them a tune. Then write a song together. It will be music to their ears. Let them choose a name for the band and rock on!

2. Fun with cookies
It doesn’t have to be Christmas to make a batch of cookies. Who doesn’t love to bake? If you don’t, buy plain cookies and let the kids go wild decorating them. Kids like the kitchen, so put them to work and teach them a recipe. They can start by gathering measuring cups, utensils, flour and ingredients. Cover your table or countertop with parchment paper, sprinkle with flour and get ready to roll the dough. Different-shaped cookie cutters add to the fun. Finish with sprinkles, make faces with candies or decorate according to the season, such as heart-shaped cookies for Valentine’s Day. Delicious!
If you’re really feeling adventurous, play with a batch of dough. Up for a food fight? Put them in slickers and toss soft stuff around. Establish the rules before you let rip. One of the rules is cleaning up!


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3. It’s showtime
Act out a favorite story or write one. Bring characters to life with silly voices and costumes. Dig through closets for old wigs, big jewelry, gloves and props. Don’t forget the makeup. Sheets and old blankets make great stage curtains. Will there be music? Maybe the band they started will perform a new song. Invite the neighbors or keep it in the family. During the theatrical intermission, serve those delicious cookies they baked with some hot chocolate. After the second act there will be a warm round of applause. Don’t forget to take photos. This could the start of a wonderful new annual tradition.

4. No matter the weather, go outside
In summertime, jump rope, have a chalk-art festival or a sandcastle contest. Play board games, do a jigsaw puzzle on a rainy day or fly a kite when it’s windy.
In winter, enjoy a sleigh or sled ride, build a snowman or go ice-skating. Then snuggle up to the fire at home, toast some marshmallows and take a warm bubble bath.
No matter what the season, get out and stretch your legs in the fresh air, walk in the woods or along the river. Take an invigorating hike or ride your bikes and discover a new park or place near home. Tell each other stories along the way.

5. Movie night
This is always a great way to end the day. Find a favorite movie either in your collection or on television. Gather in the kitchen to make popcorn or a treat. Melt some butter or add some caramel or cheddar cheese to top it off. Then get comfy on the sofa, in a chair or even on the floor and enjoy the show!
With a little imagination and the focus on fun, they will find joy in the simplest of things.

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