Handmade Mother’s Day Gift’s You Can Start Now

Handmade Mother’s Day Gift’s You Can Start Now

Mother's Day is fast approaching, but instead of rushing to the store to buy some thing, have you thought about hand-making your mother’s gift?

As children, we drew, wrote or painted all sorts of presents for our parents. It's a safe bet those handmade gifts for mom are the ones she holds closest to her heart.

Handmade gifts show you actively took time out of your busy life to create something special just for your mother. No matter what your age, moms always enjoy and appreciate a gift from the heart.

So this Mother's Day, let your creativity shine and start thinking about what your mom might like for her special day. Here are six homemade ideas I love which I hope help get your creative juices flowing.

1. Artwork

Let your little one go to town with some crayons on white paper. Make sure you add the date to the artwork, and then place it inside an inexpensive frame.

Using washable paint, consider adding handprints or footprints to the design. Little handprints can really pull any mother’s heartstrings! It will be a piece of art they will treasure forever!

2. Spa Day

Make a bath bomb or salt body scrub recipe. Once complete, place the homemade concoction in a canning jar and tie some pretty ribbon around the top. They will feel like a pampered queen once the day is over!

3. Put Together Some Pictures


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Create a collage of special memories by either pasting them onto a large piece of cardboard or by putting together photo album. Pictures are always a great gift for mom – you’ll be giving her memories that will last a lifetime!

4. IOU Coupons

Have a little fun and create some homemade coupons for mom to redeem. Ideas such as a massage or a dinner made just for her are great coupon choices. Just be sure to uphold your end of the deal when mom’s ready to redeem her offer!

5. Make a Simple Vase

You can make a vase with everyday items you likely already have in your pantry. A mason jar or tin can wrapped with fabric and secured with some fabric glue would make a pretty and rustic vase.

Just add mom’s flowers and you’ll have a simple but beautiful gift.

6. Cooking or Baking

Make mom a special breakfast in bed, or prepare her favorite special dinner. If you are a baker, whip up some homemade cookies or brownies. A special, homemade treat will be sure to please any mom!

Whether intricate or simple, there is nothing better than a homemade gift for Mother’s Day to show how much you appreciate her. I hope this list inspires you to start thinking about making something beautiful for your mother this year!

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