Handmade Gift Tags

Handmade Gift Tags To Give A Personal Touch To Your Gifts

Set your holiday gift off with a handmade gift tag.

Giving thoughtful gifts to the people on your list is one of the best parts of the holiday season. Many of us think about the gifts, but we forget the wrapping part.

If you find yourself wrapping gifts at the last minute and you still want to personalize each package, we’ve got you covered.

Here are a few simple tips to add that special touch to gift giving with handmade gift tags – no last-minute stress necessary!

Making the Tag

First, let’s start with choosing and constructing the actual shape of the tag.

Choose your material.

A good go-to for homemade gift tag materials is last year’s giftwrap and some cardstock paper. Or, cut your tag out of the same giftwrap the item is wrapped in.

Get creative with your material choice.

Reuse old maps, magazine pages, newspapers or funny pages, or any other kind of paper you can think of. If the paper is appropriate for the gift or the receiver, your wrapping paper (and gift tag material) can go a long way in terms of making your gift feel thoughtful and well planned.

Cut out the pieces for your gift tag.

Once you have a material chosen, you need to use a pencil and something with a fun shape to lay out some different options for your gift tag. Try cookie cutters, stencils or anything else you have lying around that might make a cute gift tag.


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Tip: Instead of constructing a stand-alone tag, try tracing a cookie cutter or other shape directly onto a wrapped gift. This works best with plain-color wrapping paper, and allows you to “color outside the lines” in a very real way when it comes to decorating your tag.

Glue the pieces together.

Once you’ve chosen your shape and cut out your cardstock and tag material, use a glue stick or spray adhesive to glue the pieces together. Carefully line up the shapes, and once the glue is dry, use a hole punch to make a hole in a convenient spot.

Attach the tag to your gift.

Try string, twine or yarn. Run a piece of ribbon through the hole in your tag and wrap it around the gift.

Decorating the Tag

Once your tag is fully assembled, there are a number of different ways you can decorate your tag to make it even more festive. Use metallic or gel pens, rubber stamps, stencils or stickers to make your gift tag an eye-catcher. Or, use some yarn and glue (or a hole punch) to run some faux stitching around the outside of the tag.

There is plenty of room to get creative when decorating a homemade gift tag. If you’re feeling even just a little bit artsy, try free-handing some decoration.

Just remember: keep it personal. You chose this gift specifically for someone you care about. Try reflecting that same thought in the gift’s presentation!

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