Learn How to Make Paper Boat

Enviedeplus gives instructions for making a paper boat out of patterned paper, which is a fun craft ideas the kids can get involved with.


You need:
An old map or scrapbooking paper with a map design, cut in a rectangle (A4 will work)


1 Place the paper on a work surface with the design side facing upwards. Fold in half lengthwise and unfold again.
2 Fold in half widthwise and leave folded.
3 Fold the two top corners to the middle fold line to form a triangle on the top edge.


4 Fold the paper at the bottom up to the bottom edge of the triangle. Turn and repeat on the other side (1). Now pull the sides apart in the middle and press flat to form a diamond shape (2). Fold the corners under each other (see next photo).
5 Fold the bottom point on the front side to the top point. Turn and repeat with the bottom point on the under side. You now have a triangular shape again.
6 Again, pull the two sides in the exact middle at the front and back away from each other and fold flat to form a diamond.



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7 Now carefully pull the two top points away from each other to form the paper boat.


8 Press all the fold lines flat and open out the area at the bottom a little so that the boat can stand up right.

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