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Five gift ideas with a difference

When you’ve bought your friends and relatives all the vases and books they need, it’s time for fresh inspiration to help you find gift ideas with a difference.

Here are five ideas for presents your family and friends will love.

Gifts for kids

Chances are that previous birthday and presents have already provided children with all the toys, books and games they really want. So how about:

  • Swimming gear. It’s not summer, but children love watery fun all year round. Get pretty swimming costumes for girls, sporty surf shorts for boys, and fun inflatables, swimming ‘noodles’, water balls and fun diving sets for both.

Gifts for mums

Mothers often don’t want ‘a fuss’ made of them, but value spending time with the ones they love. So how about:

  • Booking show tickets or booking a table for afternoon tea with the family. Have it all planned and a date set and if there aren’t real tickets to present as a gift, get the kids to create or draw a card which explains what the present entails.

 Gifts for him – dads & husbands

Almost as tricky as mums! Dads have all the socks and ties they need. So how about:

  • Going virtual and finding a few great apps to add to his phone. Pick something silly, something useful and a new game – the choice is growing and getting more inventive all the time.

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Gifts for brothers & sisters

Music, books or DVDs are often present favourites, but sometimes you lose track of what your loved ones already own. So how about:

  • A framed poster of a favourite film, or a photograph of a cherished band? Go online and you’ll find lots of places where you can get cool prints of The Rolling Stones, The Beatles and lots of other, more modern heroes.

Gifts for friends and family

You’ve probably given soaps and chocolates five years in a row! So how about:

  • Personalised items. We’re used to putting names on T-shirts and pencils etc for children, but grown-ups get quite a kick from personalised items. Local photo printing stores offer a wide range of gifts you can add pictures to, of course, but online there are other fun options like a ‘branding iron’ barbecue tool, personalised street and station signs, and even Monopoly tailored to the person’s life.

Savvy tip – gift ideas for a green-fingered gardener

What about garden gifts? In winter everyone forgets the beautiful outdoors, but there are always garden plant, ornamental and décor ideas that make lovely presents.

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