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Learn How To Find The Right Gift

Sometimes it can be difficult to find the perfect gift. Relax! We’ve done the groundwork for you.

Anniversary gifts
On wedding anniversaries, it is traditional to present your partner, family, close friends with a gift that symbolises that particular anniversary. For example, gifts of silver are bestowed on the 25th anniversary and those of gold on the 50th. Here are a few of the in-between years, with traditional, as well as modern, gift ideas for each anniversary.

1st year – Paper
Traditional: A must-have book, tickets to the theatre or a scrapbook
Modern: A clock

2nd year – Cotton
Traditional: Cotton clothing, tablecloths or bed linen

3rd year – Leather
Traditional: Leather handbag, wallet or briefcase
Modern: Crystal glass

4th year – Linen, silk
Traditional: Table linen such as napkins or a silk scarf
Modern: Electrical appliances

5th year – Wood
Traditional: Bonsai tree or a wooden photo frame
Modern: Silverware

10th year – Tin, aluminium
Traditional: Tin storage bins, a digital camera or aluminium kitchen gadgets
Modern: Diamond

15th year – Crystal
Traditional: Necklace, bracelet or earrings
Modern: A watch

20th year – China
Traditional: Crockery, such as a tea set or a ceramic bowl or vase
Modern: Platinum


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30th year – Pearl
Traditional: Pearl jewellery
Modern: Diamond

Gifting trends
What makes good gifts? Eco-friendly goods are popular. Choose from floor pillows, table linen and so on in natural colours.  Foodies will love gourmet hot chocolate, organic food, wine, balsamic vinegar. For those people you really don’t know what to buy, personalised stationery tops the list. Of course, gifts that stand the test of time are flowers or house plants.

Modern birthstones
If you’ve exhausted all your gifting possibilities, why not opt for a birthstone?

  • January – Garnet (constancy)
  • February – Amethyst (sincerity)
  • March – Aquamarine (courage)
  • April – Diamond (innocence)
  • May – Emerald (love)
  • June – Pearl or moonstone (health)
  • July – Ruby (contentment)
  • August – Peridot (happiness)
  • September – Sapphire (clear thinking)
  • October – Tourmaline or opal (hope)
  • November – Topaz or citrine (fidelity)
  • December – Turquoise or blue topaz (prosperity)

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