Fathers Day - Ideas for a special day

Fathers Day - Ideas for a special day

See the best ideas and suggests from Joana Roque to have a fun Parent Day with family.

Another Father's Day is approaching, which will be celebrated on March 19! And there is nothing better than making this a very special day.

As long as I can remember, we have always commemorated this day. We woke up - my sister and I - and we would run to our father and give him a big hug and a kiss. And we always had little treats for him, treats we always made ourselves: a card written in our own hands or small things made at school. And Dad always liked it.

Even now, despite being a different time, Father's Day is still commemorated and we always have lunch or dinner with him on this special day. And there are always little treats we make for him. Last year, there were homemade candies, which were very much appreciated (that is what is special about these days, these small gestures from a child to a father).

Therefore, on this Father's Day, don't forget yours. If you are unable to be with him in person, do not forget to make at least a special phone call. But the best would be to have lunch or dinner with him.

If you like to give little gifts, I have some ideas for you: make his favorite cake or dessert, write a special card or complie a selection of his favorite songs for him to listen to while driving or at home.

If you have children, do not forget to plan a special Father's Day with them: preparing a small lunch for Dad to have in bed, making a cake for dessert, or making his favorite dinner, are just some ideas.


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You can also put together a family picutre in a beautiful frame for Dad to have on the headboard or at the office - or on the wallpaper of the computer, for example.

You can also do a small project with your kids for them to give to Dad, like bookmarks, or pictures or anything else you know that Dad will like.

Indeed, Father's Day is a day like any other, but there are never too many opportunities to tell our fathers how much we love them and appreciate them. Make this day the perfect excuse for that!

We also have inexpensive ways to celebrate Fathers Day 2015.

Cook delicious Fathers Day recipes today.

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