Father’s day gift guide

Father’s day gift guide

We’ve sorted Dad into six different types to make your shopping easier. Is Dad a gadget lover? An avid reader? Is music his passion? Or is he the sporting type? No two fathers are alike, so why buy a generic gift?

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Whether shopping for a hightech father or a sports fanatic, we’ve put together a few categories to help focus the myriad choices. Remember, Father’s Day is about his needs, wants and hobbies. The following ideas will help you choose the perfect gift for the perfect Father on a perfect Father’s Day.

The Gadget Dad

You’ve heard the expression “There’s an App for that.” There are apps and devices to help dad track everything from the number of steps he takes to his heart rate. Personal fitness trackers come in several forms including wristbands and shoe clips. Activity is recorded on the devices and calibrated through companion apps on a smartphone, tablet or desktop computer. In addition to gadgets that track progress, there are exercise accessories like the virtual jump rope—that’s right, no more knocking over valuables during exercise. Finally, onboard cameras that affix to sporting equipment record dad’s every movement as he tours the mountains on his bike, barrels down the ski slopes or kayaks through whitewater. Consider one of these gifts:

  • Fitness tracker
  • Portable camera for his bike or kayak
  • Virtual jump rope

The Sporting Dad

When it comes to Father’s Day, his partner and children are Dad’s biggest fans. Whether he plays sports or simply enjoys the spectacle these gifts are sure to spark his competitive spirit. Tickets to a live sporting event are one way the entire family can enjoy the holiday. Season subscriptions to television or onetime cable broadcast events, such as a boxing match or football game, are also crowdpleasers among dads. Printathome online ticketing services make shopping easy for the busy spouse who is juggling work and family. Replacing wornout sporting gear is always appreciated.

  • Game tickets
  • Television subscription to a live event
  • New gear: golf clubs, tennis racket, athletic shoes

The FashionForward Dad

No Father’s Day would be complete without at least one gift of a tie, socks or undergarment. Whether it will be memorable or an eyeroller is up to you. Garments that showcase Dad’s favorite team, hobbies or professions can always be worn on game day or for special events. Fathers attending business meetings, conferences and special events will appreciate a chic tie that reflects the latest styles. Check for wearandtear on his briefcase and computeraccessories bag or tablet case. Broken zippers and weak straps might mean it’s time for a replacement.

  • Computeraccessories bag
  • Tablet case
  • Tie that’s on trend

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The Wellgroomed Dad

Men’s personalcare products are now commonplace. Make sure Dad isn’t abandoned in his cave. He’s never too young or too old to begin a grooming routine. Glycolic facial products that remove dead skin are excellent for the father who works up a sweat on the job, playing sports or in the gym. Want to keep your old man’s face smooth and young? Give him an instant hydration moisturizer with a new Gillette razor. A Fatherdaughter manipedi appointment is the perfect way to bond while primping. Remember: men get buffed but not polished. Are Dad's eyeglasses dated? A gift card for a handsome new pair could take years off his look.

  • Facial products and antioxidant serums
  • Fatherdaughter
  • manicure and pedicure appointment
  • Shaving supplies
  • Chic eyeglasses

The Reserved Dad

We’d be hardpressed to find a dad who doesn’t enjoy a fine bottle of aged Scotch or whiskey or a favorite Armagnac. What better way to show your appreciation than a gift from the top shelf? Choose a brand as old as you can afford for a smoother taste. Storage casks also affect flavor as do the region and weather of the distillery’s location. Aficionados prefer singlemalt whiskey. If your dad is the doityourself type, there are kits that allow him to make his own beer, wine or homemade spirits.

  • Singlemalt Scotch that’s aged well, like Dad
  • D.I.Y. “moonshine” spirits kit
  • Selection of craft beers

The MassMedia Dad

Subscriptions to companies that stream television shows and movies will provide endless hours of video entertainment. Dad can catch up on his favorite shows and movies. If he’s a fan of the printed word, how about an eBook reader or tablet that archives his favorite novels? Other reading alternatives include joining one of the burgeoning companies that offers unlimited access to books on a monthly subscription basis. Premium subscriptions are also available from many music companies for audiophiles who listen on the laptop or phone. Not a fan of his music? Pair this purchase with an awesome new set of noisereduction headphones.

  • eBook reader or tablet
  • Subscription to streaming television services
  • Gift card or subscription to a music service with headphones

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