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Fabric Flair

We show you some clever ways to make the most of your fabric remnants.

Patchwork wall
To create a patchwork wall you will need to cover 490 x 490mm pieces of cardboard with fabric:

  1. Cut the fabric squares 500 x 500mm so you can fold the edges to the back and glue them down. Make sure that the fabric is ironed and wrinkle-free before you apply permanent spray glue, cold glue or Mod Podge glue to the wrong side and stick it to the cardboard.
  2. Rub out any creases, pull the fabric taut, fold the edges over to the back and stick them in place.
  3. Use double-sided adhesive tape (the thin sponge type) to stick the squares to the wall. You can also decoupage the fabric squares directly onto the wall, if you prefer.
  4. Apply a few layers of Mod Podge glue to the fabric remnant before you cut out the squares with a rotary cutter or pair of needlework scissors, then stick them to the wall with more Mod Podge. Or create the same effect with leftover pieces of wallpaper. Scrapbooking paper will also look lovely and is already cut in squares. Remember to choose fabric or paper that is in the same colour scheme.
Fabric Flair Patchwork wall

Rings and brooches
Sets of self-cover buttons in different sizes are available from haberdashery shops. The sets contain everything you need to cover the buttons with your own fabric remnants. To make a ring or brooch from a button, first remove the shank on the back so it won’ t get in the way when you glue the button to a brooch pin or ring blank. Use a little glue to stick the pieces together.

TIP - You can also make earrings or bracelets with the buttons, or stick them to a hair clip for a pretty hair embellishment. Or convert them into fridge magnets by sticking a magnet to the back.

Fabric Flair Rings and brooches

Give a plain pillow a dab of colour with selfcover buttons. Choose fabrics that match your bed linen or other dé cor items.

TIP - Use the same idea to brighten up a plain-coloured blouse or jacket.

Fabric Flair Pillows

Decoupage box
Cover a wooden box and use it to store all your loose needlework items.


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You will need:

  • wooden box
  • pretty fabric remnants
  • Mod Podge glue
  • universal undercoat or PVA paint
  • paintbrushes

To make:

  1. If your fabric is thin or if there are pictures on the box, first paint the box with a coat of universal undercoat or white PVA. Leave to dry completely.
  2. Place the box on the fabric and cut out a piece to cover the outside of the box. Cut the fabric a little larger than the box, so it can fold over the inside edge. Trim the corners, but leave a little seam on one side of each corner so that the other side can fold in for a neat finish.
  3. Work on a black bag that has been cut open. Paint a layer of Mod Podge glue over the wrong side of the fabric. Leave to dry – it will then pull away from the plastic easily.
  4. Paint a layer of Mod Podge over the outside of the box, place the box in position on the fabric and rub the fabric onto the box to stick it in place. Seal with another layer of Mod Podge.
  5. Decoupage the inside of the box and the lid in the same way. Leave the Mod Podge to dry thoroughly before using the box.
Fabric Flair Decoupage box

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