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Embroider A Card For Mum This Mother's Day

Surprise your mother with a special card in its own embroidered bag. All the instructions are here to make it easy for you.

Things required:

  • Light pink, dark pink and lilac stranded embroidery thread
  • Sharp-pointed embroidery needle
  • Sheets of thick plastic
  • Cardboard for the card
  • Paper
  • Scissors

To make:

Step 1 - First make the bag. Draw a cake stand on a piece of paper. A5 is a good size because you can then make your card from a folded sheet of A4 cardboard.

Step 2 - Measure the size that your card will be, add 2 cm to the bottom and side edges, this is for the blanket stitch, and cut two pieces out of thick plastic.

Stitches Description Stiches

Step 3 - Place the cake stand template behind one piece of plastic. Using three strands of embroidery thread, embroider the design through the plastic and the paper.


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Handmade Mother's Day Card Step 3

Step 4 - Tear the paper off carefully when the outline is complete. Place the other piece of plastic under the first one and complete the blanket stitch border.

Mother's Day Card Step 5

Step 5 - To make the card, draw some cupcakes onto the cardboard for your card so that they will ‘fit inside’ the cake stand. Colour or paint the card in and write your special Mother’s Day message on the inside.

Mother's Day Card Ideas Mother's Day Card

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