DIY Father’s Day gift: a chic and practical cable pouch

DIY Father’s Day Gift: A Practical Cable Pouch

The perfect gift for the technophile dads out there: a pouch to store all the cables that are forever going missing, like phone and camera charger cables… Perfect for traveling, when cables are easily misplaced and left behind. Follow these easy steps to create a must-have gift!

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This pouch is extremely easy to make. No need to sew or glue anything, it also requires
very little by way of materials.

  • Imitation (or real) leather, 22 cm x 60 cm
  • Pair of scissors and a cutter
  • Snap button

For easy assembly, follow the dimensions of the illustrations. Although not exactly to scale,
the illustrations are informative. The dots indicate where to cut.

Start by cutting the outline. Then, with a cutter, cut the holes in which the cables will be inserted.
For optimal use, cut the holes to the exact dimension of the folded cables.


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The snap button comes in two parts. Secure one part to the edge of the leather.

Place the second part of the snap button where the two sides of the rolled up pouch meet.
To ensure you have the correct measurement, place the cables in the pouch before affixing
the button. You’re done!

No more cables spread throughout the house, with everything in its rightful place. Techsavvy dads will love it but it’s so practical, the whole family might want one. Also, check out how to clean stained leather with the help of these 7 tips.

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