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Dinner with friends

Celebrate the arrival of Spring with a dinner of friends. Follow the Joana Roque's advice and have a fantastic dinner.

Spring is coming! Despite the rain that we still have, the wind and the cold, there is nothing better than to start thinking about what to do when the milder weather and sun come along.

Now I can only think about lunches and dinners on the porch, about picnics, grilling and grilled sardines, ice cream and refreshments ... and beach, lots of beach.

But while waiting for all that, how about inviting friends for a dinner that commemorates the arrival of spring? Around here we have the habit of doing themed dinners, and a dinner dedicated to Spring sounds good.

Choose a fresher menu. Choose fruit and vegetables of the season, because with the arrival of spring that option starts to increase and become more colorful. Asparagus, frish peas, broccoli, leeks and strawberries are at the top of the list of favorites.


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Try making a colorful, nutritious and tasty soup accompanied by some bruschettas, a lamb or goat dish, as appropriate for the season, and a delicious dessert with strawberries.

Also set a very beautiful and colorful table, because color has everything to do with Spring! A colorful or flowered table cloth with simple white dishes always looks good. Choose cups of differents shapes and colors for a more lively table and place napkins of a strong and vivid color that matches everything.

Of course we can not forget the flowers - which are the symbol of Spring - and prepare a beautiful arrangement to give the finishing touch to your table. A beautiful table is indispensable for a great dinner.

You can also choose to share the menu with your guests: some bring drinks, others the min course and others the dessert. So you will have less work and it is a way of sharing the tasks among everyone.

And since we are celebrating Spring, take the opportunity to organize more dinners, e.g. monthly, sharing the host's house. It's a way to celebrate the good things in life, including friends and just being together. Besides Spring, of course!

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