Days out with the Kids: Enjoying a Family Game Day

What’s even better than watching game day? Having your own day filled with family games! Here’s how to have fun days out with the kids.

Creating a Family Game Day

What’s even better than watching game day? Having your own! Here’s how.

For many families, game day is one of the biggest family events of the week. We gather together with friends and family to eat, drink and, of course, watch the game.

This year, make the season even more exciting by bringing everyone together to create a game day of your own and bring the family closer than any televised game could.

Head Outdoors for a Friendly Game

Watching sports can be fun, but it is also a fairly sedentary activity (cheering and jumping up and down excluded, of course). Before the big game begins, why not gather your entire family outdoors for a quick game of football, soccer or your favorite game? You will all benefit from the exercise and fresh air, and probably learn a few things about the game in the process.

Don’t Forget Your Teams

Whatever game you’re playing, it will be more authentic (and more fun) if you divide into teams. If you can, assign each team member a position that plays to his or her strengths.


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Show Your Spirit

Team spirit is important in any sport, so make it an equally important part of your family’s game day. Each team can choose its own colors and wear them proudly. Make paper chains or paint your faces with your team’s colors.

If you’re feeling particularly spirited, search your closets and coordinate your outfits in colors to show your team pride.

Play for a Trophy

Working together to achieve a common goal can be great for building family unity, so try to inspire healthy competition by playing for a trophy (which could be anything, including junk you may have lying around in the basement).

Make it a Season to Remember

A family game day is the perfect way to bring the whole family together and get everyone excited. Try to keep the game low-key and encourage family fun and laughter above all else. If you’re lucky, everyone will have so much fun that your entire family will consider it a season to remember – no matter which team wins the big game.

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