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Creating with cutlery

Knives and forks don’t belong only in the kitchen. You can use them in clever ways as décor items throughout your house.

Knife and fork chime

With a pot stand forming the frame, your cutlery will make music.

You will need:

  • 3 silver fish knives
  • Metal pot stand
  • 0,65mm tiger tail
  • Crimps
  • 1 large and 8 small keyring holders
  • Flat-nosed pliers
  • Drill with a 3mm metal drill bit
  • Ribbon
  • Needle and matching thread
  • Epoxy glue (optional)

To make a knife and fork chime

  1. Polish the fish knives and all the forks and decide how you will use them.
  2. Make pilot holes at the tip of the handle of each of the knives and forks, put on your safety goggles and drill the holes. TIP: Press on a wood offcut while drilling.
  3. Cut a length of tiger tail for each fork, to fasten the forks to the pot stand. Fold the wire double over the pot stand’s frame and thread a crimp over both ends. Slide the crimp up against the frame and close it with your flat-nosed pliers. Attach a wire to the frame for each fork in this way.
  4. Now attach the ribbon to the top of the pot stand so you can hang it up while you work. Do this by attaching a small keyring holder to the ends of four equal lengths of ribbon and hooking them through the four feet of the pot stand. Bring the four loose ends together at the top and hook them through the large ring.
  5. Hang the pot-stand up and attach the forks one by one to the tiger tail wires. Do this by first placing another crimp over the ends of the wire, threading the fork onto the wire and then threading the ends back through the crimp. Make sure the fork is hanging at the right height, close the crimp and cut off the excess wire. First attach all the large forks and then do the small ones on the outer frame.
  6. Attach the three fish knives in the same way, but allow them to hang quite far below the forks.
  7. Move the forks so they are in the correct position on the pot stand and then use a little epoxy glue to fix them in place, if you prefer.

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Creating with cutlery Knife and fork chime

Fork place card

Make place cards from forks, or use them to hold your business cards. Use old silver forks with pretty handles and four prongs. Use pliers to bend the outermost prongs forward by 90 degrees and the inner two backwards by 90 degrees. Check that the fork balances and continue to bend it until it no longer wobbles. Bend the tips of the outer prongs slightly upwards so that the place card doesn’t slide off the fork.

Creating with cutlery Fork place card

Note Always wear safety goggles when you drill through metal. First make a pilot hole by lightly tapping a nail with a hammer where you want to drill the hole. This will make a small dent, which will prevent the drill bit moving when you start drilling.

Lampshade from plastic cutlery

Removed the shade and electric wiring from an old lamp. Sand off any rust marks on the frame and wipe it clean. Spray with grey primer according to the manufacturer’s specifications then spray it the colour of your choice. Glue the cutlery over each other onto the frame – it doesn’t need to be in a set design. Be careful not to get any glue on your fingers. For the curves at the top and bottom edges, place the cutlery into boiling water for a moment and then bend slightly before you glue. Complete the whole lampshade in this way, do the electric wiring and you have a modern work of art!

Creating with cutlery Lampshade from plastic cutlery

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