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Celebrate Ramadan 2017 With Special Iftar Recipes For Your Family

Ramadan is a commonly celebrated ritual and while many people know it for the delicious Iftar spreads, not many have enough knowledge about its origin or relevance.

What is Ramadan?

Ramadan or Ramzan, the holy month for Muslims, is celebrated on the 9th month of the Islamic calendar during which strict fasting is observed from dawn to dusk.

The word Ramadan literally means 'intense scorching heat' in Arabic. Some legends say that this refers to the heat in the stomach that’s caused by hunger. Others claim that this could also refer to the burning of sins, which comes from the material restraint exercised during this month.

During Ramadan, Muslims all over the world observe a strict fast during the day i.e. after sunrise and before sunset. But not eating food is not the only restraint they exercise; Muslims also abstain from drinking, smoking, using abusive language, backbiting, lying and sex. The belief is that this purging purifies the body and mind, allowing one to fully submit him/herself to the service of God.

When will Ramadan be celebrated in 2017?
The holy month of Ramzan would be celebrated in 2017 from Friday, 26th May to Saturday, 24th June .

So, how was this fasting ritual born?

Well, Ramadan is believed to be the month in which the Quran was revealed to Prophet Mohammed. Using him as a medium, the Quran summoned people to observe a month-long fast.

Are there any benefits of this kind of fasting?

There are two: one is karmic and the other is physical.

By fasting, Muslims also believe that they are giving their share of food and water to those who can’t get it on a regular basis. Charity, which is a big part of the Islamic philosophies, is believed to be multiplied seventy-fold by this act of fasting.


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Ramadan, besides being a religious act of self-control, also finds root in science. There is research to suggest that this kind of fasting can help treat diabetes, obesity and hypertension. Besides the physical benefits, the month-long fast is also said to induce a sense of tranquillity due to the stabilization of blood glucose.

Read simple tips on how you can fast without fatigue this Ramadan 2017.

Is it necessary for all Muslims to fast?

That being said, pregnant or breastfeeding mothers, people who are seriously sick, travellers and children that have not yet hit puberty are not required to observe the fast.

What is the significance of Iftar?

Iftar is the evening fast-breaking meal that is consumed at sunset and it usually starts by eating three dates, as it is believed that the Islamic Prophet Muhammad broke his fast in this manner. Iftar is usually a community celebration.

People also believe that that if a person gives Iftar to a fasting person, even if it is something as small as a date or an olive, their sins will be forgiven.

The Iftar menu is something to really look forward to especially after a whole day of fasting and there is a whole list of Iftar recipes to choose from.

Check out these popular Iftar recipes for Ramadan 2017:

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