A beautiful table for Mother's Day lunch

A beautiful table for Mother's Day lunch

Mother’s Day is upon us, and it’s the most special day of the year to show Mom how much she means to you. A Mother’s Day brunch or lunch is the perfect way to celebrate the special woman or women in your life over a relaxing meal with family and friends. A memorable tablescape will really make the day complete.

Set your table up for success with these tips for preparing the table for Mother’s Day.

Bring the table and room to life with wonderful settings, centerpieces and themes. Any mom would be impressed with these easy-to-create ideas.

1. Make Color the Star
If you want to create a cohesive look that’s surprisingly simple, just pick a hue that Mom loves and base a look around it. For example, if Mom simply can’t get enough pink, you can really make the tablescape pop in all the shades of her favorite color.

  • Start with pink lemonade served in tall glasses with pink crazy straws, or serve some sparkling cider with raspberries inside the glass.
  • Purchase a pink tablecloth, napkins and plates in various shades, and the setting will look feminine and festive.
  • Create some lovely floral centerpieces with pink carnations and bows.
  • You can even buy or bake pink frosted cupcakes and serve strawberry shortcake for a sweet ending to Mom’s special day.

2. Pick a Unique Theme
Why not create a special theme for Mother’s Day brunch? It helps tie things together and makes for a fun conversation piece.

A carnival theme is whimsical and makes way for great food and décor ideas:


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  • Decorate with bright colors by mixing and matching plates, cups and napkins in shades of yellow, red and blue.
  • You can even set up some simple games like “Pin the Hat on the Mommy” using a large photo of the mom you’re celebrating!
  • Think carnival snacks as your new brunch favorites.
  • You can make mini-funnel cakes, foods on sticks and yummy sundaes.

Memories of childhood will make Mom nostalgic and she’ll have a great time letting loose and enjoying the treats.

3. Go for the Gold
Create a table fit for royalty at a fraction of the budget.

  • You can purchase gold- or silver-colored plastic or paper plates, cups, silverware and napkins to set on a shiny, shimmery tablecloth.
  • Even the drinks can look luxurious. Make a Mother’s Day punch using ginger ale or apple juice as the base to get that golden hue.
  • Serve some fancy cheeses (mixed with some more budget-friendly ones) with grapes and crackers along with the rest of your spread.
  • For a golden-themed dessert, you can use edible gold flakes (which will look almost too good to eat) atop a decadent chocolate cake.
  • If Mom is into it, get her a crown from the party store so she knows she’s queen for the day!

4. Celebrate with High Tea
There are lots of delicious finger foods and varieties of tea to make for a complete brunch to celebrate Mother’s Day. Tea time foods are actually terrific for brunch, as there is usually a nice combination of sweet scones, muffins and pastries alongside tiny savory sandwiches filled with egg salad, smoked salmon, chicken salad, cucumbers and cheese, and more.

It’s a great way to sample new teas and you can even suggest guests each bring a different style to try. Mom will get to enjoy a variety of foods with her friends and family, and even the kids will love the finger sandwiches. Pinkies in the air!

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