Be Creative with the Wedding List: How to Choose Unusual Wedding Gifts

Unusual Wedding Gift Ideas

As wedding season kicks into high gear, learn to navigate wedding lists for unique wedding gift ideas filled with requested items, plus a few special extras.

Wedding List Basics 
When choosing items from the wedding gift list, think about a theme you could create that will make the gift feel more personal. This could be based around the items you choose or experiences you’ve shared with the bride and groom.

Gift Collection Inspiration 
We picked a few of the most popular items to help you start assembling your custom wedding gift creation.

Kitchen Design Gifts
From the Wedding List: From cookware to dishes and baking tools to table linens; there are always quite a few kitchen and dining items on wedding registries.

From You: Add personalised extras like monogrammed recipe cards, a family cookbook or his and hers aprons. If choosing something specific, like a crisp and dip serving tray, pair it with two of your favourite salsas and a bag of crisps.

Tip: If including any food items in your gift collection, make sure they are non-perishable, as the bride and groom may not get to enjoy them immediately.


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Gifts to get bedroom decorating ideas flowing
From the Wedding List: You’ll find plenty of bed linens, pillows and quilts on the typical wedding gift list, along with storage pieces and décor items like lampshades and rugs.

From You: Get cosy, basic bathrobes and slippers for the bride and groom, frame a favourite photo of the couple, or put together a luxurious basket of items to help them create a relaxing oasis, like eye pillows, candles or calming music.

Tip: Help create a refreshing atmosphere in the newlywed’s home by picking up stylish, scented items to include with your gift. Use the colours and styles of items from the list as your inspiration.

Bathroom Décor Gifts
From the Wedding List: Towels, bathmats, rugs, shower curtains and other bathroom organisation items are all likely to be found on a wedding gift list. 

From You: For a small additional fee, you can often get bathroom linens monogrammed to lend a bit of personal detail to an otherwise basic gift. Add in thoughtful extras like a collection of scented soaps, baskets for towels and toiletries or a custom-decorated hand mirror.

Gift Wrapping
Think about choosing a useful item that bride and groom would want or an unexpected extra to put it all together. Try baskets and decorative storage bins, or use added aprons, linens or robes as creative wrapping.

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