At home with your pets

At home with your pets

Useful ideas for keeping a clean and happy home for you and your pets to love

Love your pets, but need to find a balance of enjoying a contented household without letting your home look (and smell) like a wildlife park? 

1. Keep it fresh

Pets should be seen, heard, adored but not sniffed! Use AmbiPur Air Effects to keep your home smelling fresh, because it doesn’t just mask, but completely removes the odors*. 

2. Keep it clean

Go for non-carpet flooring options in the rooms your pets tend to use most. When cleaning up any mishaps, use a pet-safe cleaner rather than regular household cleaners, as these are specially designed for the job. If you have fish, take care to wash out your aquarium using an algae scraper or pad instead of regular household cleaners, which can leave a harmful soapy residue. 

3. Keep it cosy


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Choose a washable bed, hammock or blanket for your cat and keep it away from draughts and damp spots. When buying a dog basket, check that there is enough space for your dog to lay on its side with its legs stretched out – this will ensure a good night’s sleep. 

Who rules your sofa?

When you’ve got friends over, they won’t want to be reminded they’re sitting in your pet’s favorite napping spot. Time to whip out the handy AmbiPur Air Effects and truly remove the odors*! 

*Versus AmbiPur Base Aerosols 

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