April Fool’s Fun

April Fool’s Fun

Surprise your family by getting in a few silly practical jokes before they do – and have a giggle in the spring school holiday.

Don’t just wait for your kids to play an April Fool on you, set the tone by plotting a few funny pranks yourself and you’ll not only have great fun together, you’ll show your children how to have a great time without getting into trouble!

Wakey, wakey
While they’re sleeping, switch your kids into each other’s beds (if they’re still small enough for you to carry!) or if they are a bit older, quietly switch around things in their room to really baffle them in the morning.

Before the rest of the household is awake, carefully paper over a bedroom door or the kitchen door so that when it’s opened, it causes a huge, unexpected commotion. Use newspaper or thin drawing paper and masking tape so it tears and comes away easily.

Bonjour, computer
Change the language settings on your other half’s mobile or the Google searches on their computer. You’ll find language options under the ‘Preferences’ tab.


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TV blackout
Switch the brightness and sound right down on your television’s settings so the kids spend the whole morning wondering why the telly’s not working.

Mistaken identity
Give smaller children a giggle by disappearing at different times in the day and returning with a silly wig or a new costume on, whilst pretending nothing is different.

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