9 Makeup Tips for Moms Who Have No Time for Makeup.

9 Easy Makeup Tips For Working Moms

Busy, multi-tasking moms only have mere minutes on their hands for makeup, which is why they often skip it. But now, mere minutes is all they will need.

Getting the essentials right will give you enough time to do makeup even if you’re a working professional who has children at home that depend on you for every single thing. These 9 makeup tips will have you looking beautiful and radiant in no time.

1. Purchase a product that is a combination of prime, foundation, moisturizer and SPF. By doing so, you’re saving the time it will take you to apply each of them individually. This is one of the simplest makeup tips that actually works.

2. Your mascara should ideally give you lovely, dark and long lashes by applying just one layer. This is definitely a great time saver when you’re crunched for time and can’t apply multiple layers of mascara.

3. One of the most time consuming aspects of makeup is choosing an eye shadow that actually matches your outfit. To combat this problem and save time, just buy a few eye shadows that are neutral and will go with most of your outfits.

4. Use a good (preferably triangular) makeup sponge. Why? You don’t have to waste time double-checking for uneven patches of foundation. If you’d further like to save time, apply your foundation only to the problem areas. Why waste time with the rest of your skin when it’s already looking perfect?

5. Saving time on makeup is an art. And using a larger foundation brush will help you make your face a masterpiece in no time.


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6. When working on your eyes, avoid heavy eye-liner. And also, you can skip the top eye-lid altogether because getting a really sharp, clean line there is quite time-consuming.

7. Simplifying your makeup routine is the key to getting it done in a jiffy and you can do this by picking only one muted colour.

8. Keep all your skincare products like cleansing wipes, toner and moisturizer on your nightstand. This way you save so much time not having to pick them out in a rush every morning.

9. Tinted or clear lip gloss is the way to go if saving time is your topmost priority. That’s because bold gloss takes more time to apply accurately.

Yes, you always have a billion other things to do in the mornings and finding time to do makeup can, at times, seem like the least important thing on your ever growing priority list; don’t compromise. You are selfless, you are hardworking and you are super mom. Which is why, you deserve to take care of yourself and look beautiful. And with these tips, time will be on your side.

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