8 projects to keep kids busy: Paper decorations

Christmas Paper Decoration Projects To Keep Kids Busy

Get the kids to turn excess pretty wrapping paper into festive strings to adorn your home.

You will need

  • cardboard
  • pencil
  • scissors
  • newspaper
  • glue stick
  • remnants of scrapbooking paper and wrapping paper
  • paper punch
  • thin ribbon
  • broad ribbon

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To make hanging paper decorations

  1. Draw simple shapes such as stars, hearts and stockings on cardboard.
  2. Cut out the shapes and place them on a piece of newspaper. Apply glue to the whole of one side.
  3. Stick pieces of the scrapbooking paper and wrapping paper onto the shapes and cut out neatly.
  4. Punch a hole into every shape and thread through a piece of thin ribbon, then attach to a broad piece of ribbon. Hang in front of a window or on the mantelpiece of a fireplace, for example.

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