7 WaysYou and the T20 World Cup Can Be A Good Match

5 Tips To Enjoy T20 World Cup Without Any Hitch

Work and sports don’t mix, not unless you play sports for a living. But how many of us do that? And yet, most of us love a good cricket match and can’t afford to miss it. With the T20 World Cup around the corner, loyalties and dedication will be stretched to the fullest. Here’s how you can balance both.

Bosses and offices had better gear up. The T20 World Cup 2016 is here and suddenly a lot of employees are going to fall sick or have relatives falling sick. 

But if you’re one of the dedicated sorts, one who is torn between working hard and cheering just as hard, fret not. There are ways you can do both, without missing out on anything. 

Be prepared: Now this could mean a whole lot of things. But it starts with getting the matches schedule. This way you know, well in advance, when your favourite team or your favourite cricketer is playing. You can get to office early, stay back late the previous night or promise to work an extra day.

Being charming: You could get on the kinder side of your office administration and request them to convert a spare conference room into a sports arena – with a TV or a projector too. Time slots can be decided and employees can plan their work around it.

At home, too, this means requesting the rest of the family members to forgo their preferred programs until the matches are over. This could set you back by a dinner or two, some gifts and the assurance of not touching the remote for several days afterwards. For better effect, you could also throw in the promise of more housework.

What else?


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If you’ve happened to cash in on your annual leave and decided to watch the entire T20 World Cup at home, there are a few pointers to make your home the go-to place during the games. You need to make sure your house is stacked with some basic but necessary things to make the cricket watching experience incredible.

Big screen TV: You can’t watch a match, with lots of people, on a regular size television. The bigger the better. Your television needs to cater to the size of your room, the distance from the screen and the varying levels of eyesight of the people within.

Good sound system: The sounds do an amazing job in recreating the environment of the actual field. The cheering, the bugles, the commentary, the sound of the bat hitting the ball, the stumps being hit… cricket can’t be cricket without the sounds associated with it. It doesn’t need to a system that will wake up the neighbours, but it has to be loud. Make sure the batteries are charged for the remote or you put in new ones. Duracell lasts, really long.

Food and drinks: No, not elaborate meals. Just tons of finger food, popcorn, chips, peanuts – basically any kind of snacks. Home delivery rocks and you can order plenty of yummy, spicy, tangy food. Drinks are at your discretion. Choose wisely and make sure your fridge is well-stocked.

Keep the crowd mixed and use the time during commercials to have discussions and predict who will win the world cup this year.

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