7 Ways to Get Moving With Your Kids

7 Ways to Get Moving With Your Kids

Stay active with your whole family and have some fun with 7 easy activities.

The time to get active is now!

So why not do it as a family? These ideas will make you want to get up and stay up while having fun with the children as well.

It took me a year and a half to get active again after my son was born, and a full two years to even consider entering a gym. I was so overwhelmed by new parenthood, and it just seemed like one more thing to add to my to-do list. But eventually, I realized that I didn’t want to let myself slide into a cycle of inactivity.

So how did I get back on the wagon? I made my tot a part of my routine. I lifted him while I did squats in my kitchen, I unrolled a second yoga mat next to mine just for him and we had fun together! Here are some ways you can do it too.

Start Small. If you haven’t been up to much activity in a while, you don’t have to jump in head first. Start small, by instituting a pre- or post-dinner or nap family walk. It may be cliché, but it works and the fresh air and increased blood flow will do wonders for everyone’s temperaments. Another idea is find some fun 10-15 minute fitness videos that you can do alongside your kids.

Dance party. Nothing gets me moving like salsa and merengue. Throw a cumbia in there and you’ve got a good 15 minute fun session for all involved. Sometimes, I turn on music, grab some flashlights, turn out the lights and have a disco-style dance party with my toddler. It gets us both moving and laughing.

Participate in events. A great way to get everyone excited about being active, is to sign up for an event to participate in together. A 5K, a bubble run, or a color run, will give you the opportunity to do it together, a goal to meet together and a full day of fun and camaraderie. Even very young kids can participate in these short events. If you have a teen, you could even do a tougher mud run, obstacle course or longer race together.

Start traditions. I love the idea of marking special occasions throughout the year with a different physical activity. Celebrating and commemorating with food is certainly a huge part of our Latin culture, and we don’t have to give that up, but we can also start some new healthy traditions. Have a post-turkey all-ages soccer match, go skiing over winter break, welcome Spring with a homemade outdoor obstacle course, go swimming once a week during the summer months, etc.

Teach them to clean. You can burn hundreds of calories per hour while doing normal household chores like cleaning, shoveling, mowing and even cooking. Not only will assigning your kids regular chores teach them responsibility, cleanliness and organization (and lend you a helping hand), it will also help them stay active.

Hit the playground. I know it’s tempting to sit on a bench and let your kid run wild on the playground while you grab a few moments to yourself, but if you join in on the play session, you’ll both enjoy being active. Running, climbing, swinging and laughing are all great for your body, and so much fun.

Parent-and-me classes. Community can be incredibly motivating, and group classes are a great way to capitalize on that. If you have babies, toddlers, or young kids, try to find a parent-and-me class to enroll in. From dance to yoga and even gymnastics, there are all kinds of fantastic options out there.

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