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7 Easy Ways To Organise A Family Getaway

The digital revolution has made it easier to keep in touch, but is it as good as meeting face-to-face? Real connections and hugs can be shared only in person.

Has it been a while since you caught up with the family – aunts, uncles and cousins? Long weekends are a great time to plan a reunion. Planning in advance will make it easier.

Here’s a checklist of ideas to make that weekend getaway memorable:

Picking a date:  If you are planning the reunion, you want as many people as possible to come.  Picking the date is the biggest challenge.  Send an email or text message with some dates or start a WhatsApp group.  You can narrow down a couple of weekends.


Whom to invite:  Make a list of all the people you can think of.  Extended family like grandparents, cousins, aunts and uncles should be included. The number of people on the list will decide the venue for the weekend getaway.  Make a separate folder in your email account.  Also use the calendar facility to set up a reminder.

Location: Check out places which can accommodate a big group. Venues could be a wildlife sanctuary, park or the beach. Or even a beach or mountain resort if it’s for the entire weekend.


When the date and location are final, send out invites.  Include information on the time and date. If people are coming from out of town, include a map and directions. Add a list of activities along with a suggestion of what to bring.

Food & Drink: If it is going to be a big group, let people bring meals for the occasion. There are websites which have planning lists for picnics and parties. Print out a list and indicate who should bring what. Get RSVPs and lists of things that each one is bringing. It would be good to include things like chairs, blankets, plates, games and so on.


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Memorabilia: Since it is a special occasion, think of something that would be a good reminder. Pictures on mugs or t-shirts of the weekend getaway would be a good gift.  Try to personalise as much as possible

Use these basic ideas and plan your family reunion well.  It would be a good way to introduce your children to the rest of the family too. Think of ways to add special touches to the venue.  Hiring a caterer is a good way to spend time socialising. Guests are also relieved of food duty.  Regular weekend getaways help to keep in touch and are a lot of fun for everyone involved.

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