7 Amazing Gift Wrapping Ideas That'll Make Santa Envious

7 Creative Gift Packing Ideas & Techniques

The joy of gifting is just as much, if not more, enjoyable than the joy of receiving. How can you make your gift look attractive and bring in your personal touch?

Who doesn’t love a beautifully packed gift? But why rely on stores when you can do your gift packing at home with little things lying about here and there? Learning how to gift wrap beautifully is an art, one that is easily learnable and just as easily doable.

Here are some wonderful gift-wrapping ideas to make your gift pop. Warning: some might look too good for you to want to give away.

If nothing else, these gift wrapping techniques will make you a pro and the go-to gift wrapper in your family.

1. Using unused, discarded stuff lying about at home

Anything will do here. It could be large and decorative buttons, broken jewellery, old ribbons, party decorations, anything that is attractive. The limit is only your imagination.

  • Thread the buttons through a string.
  • Stick the jewellery on the wrapped box.
  • Use the ribbons to make attractive bows.

The best part is that reusing is also recycling.

2. Using a colourful marker

You can make your own wrapping paper with plain wrapping paper, a pencil, metallic paint pen and your imagination.

  • Wrap the gift in the plain wrapping paper.
  • Draw outlines of any patterns with a pencil.
  • Trace over using a metallic paint pen.

3. Using paper cut-outs

You can decorate a plain wrapping paper by sticking paper cut-outs in various shapes.


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  • Pick any old newspaper, magazine, book, coloured paper.
  • Trace and cut basic geometric shapes, or festival specific shapes – diya, Christmas tree, candles, balloons, etc.
  • Arrange them flat or stick 2/3 together to create a 3-dimensional design.

4. Add some glitter to your gift

You can glam up your gift with some glue, a brush, glitter and your ideas.

  • Using the brush, trace a pattern on the paper or just make random, broad strokes with the glue.
  • Sprinkle glitter all over to bring the gift paper to life.

This jazzy idea can create a mess, so prepare the working area before you start.

5. Leave a personal stamp

Add a personal touch to your gifts this season. All you need is an ink pad, a rubber eraser, a sharp knife, plain paper or cardboard.

  • On a chopping boardcut the rubber into the shape you want with a knife.
  • Dip the stamp in the ink pad.
  • Press it on the paper to decorate it your way.

6. Last year’s calendar and old maps

The large, bright images on old calendars are a perfect way to make your gift look completely different from anybody else’s. Old maps can be used the same way. The paper is large and the pattern is amazing.

7. Colourful adhesive tape

Use different coloured and patterned adhesive tape to make your gift look colourful and bright. Alternate horizontal and vertical strips, thick and thin tapes to decorate the gift.

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