6 Mother’s Day Gifts Beyond Brunch

6 Mother’s Day Gifts Beyond Brunch

It’s time to stop the traditional, tired Mother’s Day celebrations – a card, lunch and flowers. This Mother’s Day, show how much you appreciate the moms in your life with a thoughtful gift that goes beyond the traditional Mother’s Day brunch.

1. A Mother’s Day Gift Jar

For the sentimental mom of younger children, this is the perfect gift.


  • A glass Mason jar
  • Decorative ribbon
  • Decorative paper (to write on)
  • Scissors
  • Colored pencils or pens


  1. Start with a glass Mason jar, and tie a ribbon around the top
  2. Cut out 1-inch strips of colorful or patterned paper, and have kids write one thing they love about their mom on each strip
  3. Place all the strips in the jar, close it tightly and create a label that says “Why We Love Mom” to place on the front of the jar

She’ll treasure this gift for a long time, as she can always open it up and reread the special messages of love written just for her.

2. Weekend Getaway

For the mom who needs a break, a weekend getaway could be just the relaxing and rejuvenating escape she needs. If her kids are little, she may want to go by herself, but if her kids are grown, she would probably love the company. And remember that you don’t need to go far to find something fun – local spas often offer Mother’s Day packages at reasonable rates.


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3. Create a Memory Book

Mothers love family pictures, so a photo album or memory book always makes a nice gift. Tech-savvy moms may prefer to keep everything digital, but some moms – and especially grandmas – still like to receive pictures they can hold in their hands. Use an online service to upload your favorite digital pictures into memory book format so she can enjoy her favorite family memories whenever she likes. Print out the pages and create a physical book if your recipient would like something more tangible.

4. Keepsake Jewelry

Not just any jewelry is right for your mom. Skip those earrings with no meaning behind them in favor of a piece of keepsake jewelry. A locket with a special photo inside or a bracelet with the birthstones of all her children show that you put some serious thought into her gift, and it’s something she will cherish forever.

5. A Special Experience

Gifts don’t always have to be something you can unwrap; think outside the box and come up with different experience gifts your mom might enjoy.

6. A Subscription to a Cleaning Service

Sometimes a practical gift can make the best gift of all. For the mom who needs a helping hand, consider buying a subscription to a weekly or monthly cleaning service. It’s something she may not splurge on for herself, but will certainly appreciate when it’s given to her. And this gift shows that you recognize how hard she works.

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