6 Low-cost Summer Fun Ideas

6 Low-cost Summer Fun Ideas

Having fun doesn’t have to be expensive! Read on for 6 fun, family-friendly activities.

You’re not flying to an exotic locale, but that doesn’t mean you can’t have fun this summer. In fact, a summer near home might be just what your family — and bank account — needs this season!

To get started, think about what a tourist in your city would want to do. Check out that out-of-the-way museum, shop or flea market you always wanted to see, or revisit an old favorite that may have added new attractions.

Pick up your city's visitors guide at the local tourist bureau office. It will give you a complete rundown of all there is to do and see in your area, and it's likely to have several two-for-one coupons and other discounts to the area's most popular attractions. Check out the bureau's website for information and discounts as well.

1. Catch a Matinee
Many movie theaters, playhouses and other performing arts organizations offer big discounts for matinee performances, maybe even enough for dinner afterward. Check schedules for matinees and find out if lower ticket prices are offered for those performances.

Lots of popular restaurants offer various early-bird discounts as well. Call your favorite restaurants to inquire about early-bird deals and any other seasonal or family specials they offer.

2. Free and Easy Entertainment
Most cities have a weekly activity guide, website or daily newspaper that lists dozens of free activities occurring every weekend, especially during summer. Check for free concerts at local parks, libraries and museums.

Lots of neighborhoods also put on summer festivals with arts and crafts, live entertainment, and some of the best foods you're likely to find anywhere. If you have any street festivals based around food, you might find a new family favorite!

Many museums also offer free admission at some time every week. Check with the museums you'd like to visit to see if they offer free admission on certain days.

3. Major Fun, Minor Leagues
Even if you live in a city with a major-league team, chances are you've got a minor-league team nearby that delivers entertaining action at a fraction of the bigger team’s prices. Not only will you get a cheaper ticket, but you'll likely be closer to the action, too. And who knows, you might just see a future superstar on their way up!


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4. Pack a Picnic
Pack a delicious picnic lunch and head out to a park you’ve never visited. Perhaps the park will have a beautiful view of the city skyline or even a flying-disc golf course that will give you a fun (and free) way to walk off a big lunch.

5. Volunteer for Adventure
Your city's weekly activity guide probably lists the various volunteer activities taking place around town. Besides feeling good about giving back to your community, volunteering is a great way to make new friends and have a few adventures, too. Volunteering, for example, could lead to a free canoe trip down a local river to help clear litter from its banks.

Or make a pack of new friends by volunteering at a local animal shelter. Some shelters have an exercise area where you can walk the dogs. Others may even let you take a dog to a local park for a longer walk.

6. Take the Fun to the Backyard
Air conditioning can feel nice when you’re lounging around, but summer is the season of long days and warm nights — so get out to enjoy it! Watch a movie on a laptop, projector and white sheet or cook dinner over a fire.

You can even take a blanket out and play board games in the grass and have a picnic right in your own yard afterward.

Don't let summer end without getting out and taking advantage of the long, warm days while they last. And who knows — you may just find a new hobby, favorite restaurant or great spot to take guests from out of town!

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